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starts in 2002 as a bike tour company
focusing on bicycle tour planning of independent travelers searching support for their cycling holidays
in Central Italy.
In 2006, Randotrek becomes also an Official Italian Cycling & Sustainable-Tourism Association supporting foreign cycling community in Italy.
We are affiliated to AICS
(Italian National Federation
of Sport, Culture and Social Tourism) that enables us to
offer an array of benefits for bikers joining the club.

Current services:

- Supporting custom tours and providing with
equipment and transport service.
Equipment Rental & Transport Service >>
Private Groups Tour Support>>

- Holiday and Leisure
Holiday Apartment Rental >>
Cycling Day Rides >>

Aims & activities of our Club:

Our aim is to be a premier resource for
bicycle travel in Central Italy:
- Helping cyclists explore the heart of Italy for fun, fitness and self-discovery.
- Getting more people travelling by bicycle in our country in a safe enviromnent.
- Encourage heritage, cultural and adventure tourism opportunities for cyclist communities.
- Sustain adventure cycling in Central Italy.
- Encourage young people to visit Italy providing them a low cost solution.
- Reasearch nationwide resources for bike travellers and implementing benefits
dedicated to members.

Activities dedicated to members only:

- Our tour support on our prescribed routes, with the aim to introduce cyclists to the most hidden and remote areas of Italy
Bicycle Tours >>

- Athlets & roadies support
Bicycle Training >>

- For schools or clubs that would like to organize an adventure trip in Italy, we can arrange any type of outdoor activity. We are connected with Youth Hostels, camp sites and other similar accommodations, and have good contacts with Parks.
Hiking/cycling/canyoning/multisport personal tours for Clubs/Schools:
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