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AICS Affiliation

AICS is one of the National Organization of Sport Promotion in Italy, legally recognized by:
- CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee).

AICS extends its action in sectors such as  culture, tourism and enviromnent acheiving recognition with the following Governative Departments:
- Department of Work as a Social Promotion Organization
- Department of Civil Defense as one of the National Voluntary Association

Has Agreements with:
- FITUS (Italian Federation of Social Tourism)

With CSIT (Confédération Sportive Internationale du Travail), FISpT (Fédération
Internationale du Sport pour Tous), and BITS (Bureau International du Tourisme Social), AICS has created also collaborative international relationships.

Main Benefits

- Randotrek Members will be automatically AICS Members, and can participate at all activities and events promoted nationwide by any AICS affiliated Association.

- Italian and foreign athlets can request with their Membership Card a personal Racing License to participate at non-professional bike races organized in Italy. More info >>

- Basic insurance coverage with SAI for third party liability and injury.
More info >>

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