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Bike rental service is open to members and non-members. Although, members benefit of a 10% discount on bicycle/gear hire. Make an inquiry submitting our Online Form, and we will get back to you within 48 h.

Randotrek rents bikes mostly on its tours, so we do not rent less than 3 days

BIKES & TRAVEL EQUIPMENT (price per person)

Hybrid mtb KTM
Shimano ACERA 24v
heights 1,60 to 1,95 m

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3 days             60 Euro
1 week           120 Euro
10 days          150 Euro
Extra day    13 Euro

Hybrid Race FIT500
Shimano SORA 27v
heights 1,65 to 1,90 m

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3 days             75 Euro
1 week          140 Euro
10 days          170 Euro
Extra day    15 Euro

Gear included in
rental price

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Gear included (x bike):
cable-lock, spare tube and a frame/saddle bag.
Cycle-computer, rear rack and
any special pedals (mtb SPD, LOOK Keo type and toe-clips) are also included upon request.

Gear per party:
Toolkit, repair kit, frame pump

Rented Pedals

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Feel free to bring your own
saddle and/or pedals.

Traveler's extra Gear

Hybrid bikes
can be equipped for perfect
cycle traveling, check below
our Scicon Panniers:

Rear Panniers

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3 days          12 Euro
1 week         18 Euro
10 days          22 Euro
Extra day 2,00 Euro
Extra top case and rain
protections available

Handlebar Bag

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3 dasy          6 Euro
1 week         8 Euro
10 days        10 Euro
Extra day 0,80 Euro
Rain protection available
on request

Limar 550/575
Unisize 54-61cm

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Fixed price
per rent 2 Euro

Battery Lights

Batteries included

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3 days         6 Euro
1 week        8 Euro
10 days       10 Euro
Extra day 0,80 Euro

Race Bikes
(NO panniers can be fitted on race bikes)

Shimano Ultegra 10v Compact
heights 1,78 to 1,83 m

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3 days               90 Euro
1 week            160 Euro
10 days            200 Euro
Extra day 18 Euro

COPPI Mythical
Campagnolo Racing 9v Triple
heights 1,60 to 1,75 m

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3 days              60 Euro
1 week            120 Euro
10 days            150 Euro
Extra Day 13 Euro


EQUIPMENT AND SUPPORT (price per gear)

Car Rack x 2/3 bikes

3 days         12 Euro
1 week        18 Euro
10 days        22 Euro
Extra day 2,00 Euro

BETO - Floor Pump

3 days         6 Euro
1 week        8 Euro
10 days        10 Euro
Extra day 0,80 Euro

TCI Regional Map 1:200.000 scale  .........                    10,00 Euro x map

Map carrier ................                                                    2,00 Euro per rent

Luggage Storage Service   ................                           3,00 Euro per day

Bike delivery/Retrieval service ..............                    go to page >>>


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